Point-of-sale management software

Is a specialized program in managing points of sale for various commercial products and management of movements of products and stores and accounts of customers and suppliers and cash and banks in a precise and easy

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ERP commercial and industrial version

Is a general accounting and management program that contains several applications covering all activities of industrial and commercial establishments. It contains a system of general accounts, point of sale management, human resource management, production management, planning and follow-up.

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HR System

One of our programs specialized in human resources management and the extraction of reports of salaries and effects and attendance and departure automatically with the linkage fingerprint machines and staff archive management

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Other services we provide

We offer a range of marketing and software services that serve the growth of your business

Web Design

In the web design section we provide the latest designs that suit your nature of work to be an honorable interface for your activity in front of customers

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Web Application and Mobile Application

Become one of the most important means of communication with your customers and expand the circle of your activity Design of mobile applications suitable for the nature of your activity and improve the management of work We offer you in the division of web and mobile application programming design service of all specialized programs suitable for you

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Company guide

Mas company is keen to strengthen the marketing side of its customers and provide a directory of companies contains a database containing more than 250 thousand companies and activity to facilitate access to databases of companies and business owners in Egypt and also contains the program SMS Email Email Bulk Systrm

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CRM program

A program that specializes in managing accurate and analytical database of communications, requests and transactions of customers as customer complaints are recorded to follow up on solving them.

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